SCI Prophet 2000

I bought this from a guy that designs scientific equipment for NASA in 2011. I’ve got a Propeht 5, Rev. 1, and as I had recently bought a couple other samplers, I thought it would be cool to get a Prophet sampler.

As I didn’t have a lot of time for sampling, I never really got into this. I did have about 10 floppies of sounds that came with it, and I could not find more online or eBay. Wine Country, who handles SCI service still offers to sell factory sample disks, but the cost was more than I wanted to invest.

I ended up buying a Fairlight, so I figured I should sell the P2000 to help raise funds for the Fairlight. I ended up selling it to a guy that had come to buy my SH 101 (also sold to pay for the Fairlight) for the same price I bought it for.