Pro One

Year Released: 1983
Date Purchased: circa 1990
Paid: $300?

The Pro One – Most people think its a scaled down Prophet-5, but it while it has a similar control layout, it sounds much different from my Rev. 1 Prophet-5. Perhaps it sounds closer to the later Rev. 3 P-5s…

The arpeggiator is fun, and it’s got 40 steps of sequencer memory which is even more fun. The modulation controls can create some sounds not found on a lot of other synths.

2000 Music-Gear--8

I’ve bought a mod for it from here: It adds MIDI and a faster CPU with some additional programming. I bought the upgrade in 2010, and I finally got aroud to installing it. The installation went well, and I can confirm it is a great upgrade for the Pro-One. I hooked it up to a Virus KC for it’s first test –
it’s pretty cool to be able to play multiple notes on the Pro One keyboard and have it simultaneously trigger multiple notes on another synth.