PSB – West End Girls – Disk 2

Here’s the output of a second Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls” Fairlight disk. It’s all 8 channels being sequenced in Page R and then recorded into the computer and mixed together. No effects, no nothing – just the basic output of the Fairlight sound channels converted to a WAV.

The voice files used on the tracks in the Page R sequence are as follows:

  • Track 1 – WESTKIK.VC
  • Track 2 – CLAPS.VC
  • Track 3 – DAREHH.VC
  • Track 4 – EMUAHLO.VC
  • Track 5 – WESTSN.VC
  • Track 6 – CONGALJ.VC
  • Track 7 – NIGANY.VC
  • Track 8 – WESTBASS.VC

The WESTKIK and WESTSN are the bass and snare drums, respectively. CLAPS seems self-explainatory.

DAREHH is the hi-hat that runs through the entire length of the song. And the name appears to point to what is the source of the sound – the hi-hat from the Human League’s album “Dare”. A Linn LM-1 Drum Computer was the source of the drum sounds used on that League album.

EMUAHLO appears to be sampled from an E-mu Emulator II. It’s the vocal sample that plays during the middle eight of the song. Even though it looks to be from an Emulator II, it still has the thumbprint of the Fairlight all over its sound.

CONGALJ – a conga sound. I’ve no idea what “LJ” refers to – perhaps the person playing the sound?

NIGANY and WESTBASS are both bass sounds – one is a smoother, sustained sound the other more percussive. They play nearly the same notes during the sequence, but slight differences in volume and retriggering of the notes gives the bassline of this sequence a lot of movement and keeps it from sounding like a simple, static sampled bassline. It’s certainly the most interesting feature on this sequence.