PSB – Opportunities – Disk 2

Here’s a basic output of a PSB “OPPOWHI2” disk. It’s from a Page R sequence playing back all 8 channels with the audio output recorded into the computer and mixed together.

PSB – Opportunities – Fairlight Disk 2

This looks to be the second disk that was used by the Pet Shop Boys when they played on the Old Grey Whistle Test. Blue Weaver’s name is shown in the comment field for some of the Page R patterns.

The following voice files were used in the Page R sequence:

  • Track 1 – PSBSCR.VC
  • Track 2 – BLUEHORN.VC
  • Track 3 – TR727CNG.VC
  • Track 4 – PSBSIM.VC
  • Track 5 – BLUESGIT.VC
  • Track 6 – TR808RS.VC
  • Track 7 – TR808CL.VC
  • Track 8 – FILL.VC

YouTube Recording

OPPOWHI2 Screen Shots

psb-opportunities-01679.jpg Page 2: Disk Control – lists the contents of the floppy disk.Showing WHISTLE2.IN instrument file, the .VC sound files, and the OPPOWHI2. RS Page R sequence file.
Note the CLAP.VC and TBLOCK.VC files used in DavidFairlight’s sequence are present on this disk.
psb-opportunities-01681.jpg Page 3: Register Control – The WHISTLE2.IN instrument file has been loaded and this page shows voice allocation, sound mapping to keyboard zones, and tuning adjustments.
psb-opportunities-01682.jpg Page 7: Control Parameters – shows routing and voice adjustments for parameters such as vibrato, looping, decay, sample start, loop, end.


Voice 1 – PSBSCR.VC

psb-opportunities-01683.jpg  Page 7: Voice 2 – BLUEHORN.VC
 psb-opportunities-01684.jpg  Page 7: Voice 3 – TR727CNG.VC
psb-opportunities-01685.jpg  Page 7: Voice 4 – PSBSIM.VC
psb-opportunities-01686.jpg  Page 7: Voice 5 – BLUESGIT.VC
psb-opportunities-01687.jpg  Page 7: Voice 6 – TR808RS.VC
psb-opportunities-01688.jpg  Page 7: Voice 7 – TR808CL.VC
psb-opportunities-01689.jpg  Page 7: Voice 8 – FILL.VC
psb-opportunities-01690.jpg  Page R: Real-Time Composer Showing the voice data from the WHISTLE2.IN file combined with the OPPOWHI2.RS sequence data loaded. The Pattern Editor screen is shown here.
psb-opportunities-01691.jpg  Here’s the Page R Song Editor screen.
psb-opportunities-01692.jpg  Another view in the Page R Song Editor screen.
psb-opportunities-01696.jpg  Yet another Page R Song Editor screen.
psb-opportunities-01697.jpg  Page R Pattern Index. This can be seen by typing “X” into the command line. It displays the pattern numbers used in a sequence.