PSB – Two Divided By Zero

Here’s a basic output of a PSB “Two Divided By Zero” disk. It’s all 8 channels being sequenced in Page R and then recorded into the computer and mixed together. Just a little reverb was added, as it just didn’t sound right without a little reverb on the crashing tympani sound.

The following voice files were used in the Page R sequence:

  • Track 1 – TKIK.VC
  • Track 2 – SYNTOMS.VC
  • Track 3 – THAT.VC
  • Track 4 – THATO.VC
  • Track 5 – TBASS1.VC
  • Track 6 – TFLCLAP.VC
  • Track 7 – TTOM1.VC
  • Track 8 – TTYMP.VC

There’s an error on the disk where the TTOM1.VC file doesn’t load. There’s another file on the disk – TTOM2.VC, so I used it as a substitute for the corrupted one.

Screen Shots and video to come…