Morningstar Video Productions Brochure

Russell Nagy who had worked at Morningstar Video Productions, Inc. in the 1980s, sent a scan of a brochure page showing Morningstar’s Gracewood Studio.

Follow this link to download a pdf of the brochure: Morningstar Video Brochure

I know from the person I bought my CMI from that my system is a mixture of two CMIs. This photo shows that the Mainframe and Monitor that I have are not the ones from
Morningstar. The monitor I have has the silk screened Fairlight logo, while the one Morningstar had has a metal badge logo. Also, the front panel on my Mainframe I has has the other later style control panel.

The serial numbers on my Monitor (SNB108051)  and my Mainframe (SNA108050) are nearly matched – both were manufactured in Oct. 1980. This implies they were sold together. My QWERTY (SNC0783198) and Music (SND0783198) keyboards do match and have serial numbers from July
1983.  That’s early enough that they could have come from Morningstar’s system, which I assume was delivered in March 1984 based on the floppy backups that Morningstar made of their Fairlight factory sound library.

Whatever the history of the hardware, I most certainly have Morningstar’s old floppy disks.