Fairlight to PC Communication

Here’s a photo of my Fairlight IIx connected via serial port to my laptop. The laptop is connected with a SIIG USB to Serial Port adaptor and it is plugged in the the Alphanumeric Keyboard connector on the back of the Fairlight Music Keyboard.

The laptop is a regular, old Toshiba Satellite (model M45-S355 from about 2006). It has an Intel Pentium M 750 / 1.86 GHz processor and is running Windows XP.

The PC and Fairlight are connected using a custom made serial cable adaptor specially made for use with the Fairlight.

For more info, see this excellent web page, which not only shows how to connect a Fairlight with a PC, but also details the restoration of one of Vince Clarke’s old Fairlight II which had been severely water damaged: